April 23, 2019

Join an scientific research project from University of Copenhagen and help letting the world know that barriers are changing!


Hey Indiehackers!
I'm Kirsten Skovsted and from Denmark. I am right now doing my Master Thesis in Anthropology at University of Copenhagen on how notions of borders, market, nations and citizens are being reconfigured through the lifestyle of digital nomads and remote working. I need your help to develop this study. With your participation you'll be a part of a study that hopefully can shed light on a new way of thinking about the relations between work, life, place and nations. A study that can demystify the concept of remote working and inspire people to reflect upon the possibilities they have for creating their working life they want.
I'm especially interested in the case of the Estonian e-Residency. The first thing that strikes many people, when I so far have been describing my project is the suspiciousness: they are concerned about data security, the prospect of a virtual world without "real identities" and many relate this kind of business-making to fiscal paradises. I would like to debate these concerns and ask how these dynamics could and should be understood - fx as a future worklife that is made more simple. A life with less hassle and a world with more equal opportunities because one doesn't entirely depend on his/her home country. I would love to be able to ask some of you a couple of questions about your company and about your way of living. You choose the way of communication. A Skype interview would be awesome, but a couple of emails would also help me a lot.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
Cheers, Kirsten
[email protected]

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