Join me on 24 hours of Coding/Designing/Writing Sprint

I'm gonna be up next 24 hours and finish a lot of my pending task. Will also write and publish 100 tweets long thread.

If you have pending goals, commit to it and let's finish it together. Treat this as virtual personal hackathon.


  1. 3

    I have huge concerns towards such an approach. Most of us have families to tend to and maintaining a healthy work-life balance is the only way you can have any level of success as an Indie Hacker.

    You might want to consider doing the same thing as a week-long exercise

    1. 1

      This is just one time thing. Not doing everyday or even every week. Just that I have got some pending task. Not promoting to do this regularly either.

      It's refreshing to see them finishing up quickly sometimes 😇

  2. 1

    One small long time pending task cleared.

    Shared framework for MVP for Product builders. Hope it helps someone


  3. 1

    I slept for couple of hours and back on work again with a super fresh mind.

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