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Journey & learnings of growing my Android app to reach 50,000 downloads

It's challenging to grow your mobile app in a highly competitive market. I tried several strategies – some of them worked well and some didn't provide expected results.

Being an indie developer, I am always short on resources (financial & otherwise). I have tried methods such as crowdsourcing translations to make the app accessible to more people, A/B testing screenshots to improve conversion rate, various ASO techniques (how does that even work?!).

The app offers several basic features for free and certain basic & advanced features are paid (one time purchase) so it's always a challenge to retain users as so many of them expect all apps to be free. Despite that, the app has reached $1K - $1.5K monthly revenue.

After ongoing efforts of 7 months, the android app has crossed 50,000 downloads. I have written about my journey & learnings. 👇👇


Let's discuss what strategies you have tried and how it panned out.

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    Thanks for sharing your experiences, Jay! I hope you'll hit 100k downloads soon :)

    To help out everyone a bit more, I'd like to share two articles on promoting your app for FREE and app store rankings


    Hope it'll help. Best.

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