Just completed the custom waiting list landing page. Would like to know if the messaging is clear and what the app is about, thanks!

    1. 2

      Another grammar thing: instead "challenges that helps you" use "challenges that help you"

      1. 1

        thank you! fixed both, should be live in few mins :)

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    1. Subtitle says "Hifive" while in the logo you call it "HoFive" - be consistent.
    2. If the social aspect of inviting friends is important, it's not mentioned at all in the hero section.
    3. "Any goal" is misleading. From comments below I understand that you pick from the app's suggested goals. So it should be clear. "Get a new weekly challenge for you and your friends..."

    Good luck!

    1. 1
      1. Fixed it. Copy has been changed a little bit based on others' feedback as well
      2. Added it but let me know if it makes sense (it's too much to ask to check again, so only if you got some spare time, thanks again!)
      3. We are launching only with the steps count challenge. So mentioned that as well on the page :)

      Thank you a lot for the feedback, Dan!

      1. 2

        Looks better now.
        Once you finalize your message, I suggest that you ask a native English speaker to do proofing for you.

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    It's very unclear what the product is.. I guess it's an app given that you've a mobile phone image, but I'm left guessing as it's not mentioned anywhere.. maybe it'll just be a newsletter who knows.

    1. 1

      Never thought it that way but makes sense. It's not super obvious for first time visitor -- it could be a newsletter too 😅

      I've made some changes to indicate it's an app on both Android & iOS. Thanks, Sanjay!

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    "3km fun run", "Green diet", "Intermittent fasting", ... to be honest, none of these seem particularly "fun" to me.

    It's kinda clear what the purpose of the app is, but unclear how it works. Are there instructions or tutorials? Or is it just a checklist of things to do that you check off when you finish them? If the latter, not sure if that's particularly valuable. If there is more value than that, then the page isn't conveying it.

    Hope this helps and good luck!

    1. 1

      it really helps, trying to figure out where to spend our time - app dev vs landing page.

      that said, there should be few more screenshots or a way to convey how the app works and what users can expect.

      how about a video walkthrough or screen recording of how the app works instead of the single screenshot we have. that would give a better idea I believe.

      1. 2

        Definitely! If I were you, I'd add multiple screenshots because it's easier to produce than a video. Add a section in the page for "features" and show off different parts or features of the app.

        Video is hard and time-consuming to do, and personally I think most apps do it poorly... the video is usually so fast it's hard to understand what's going on.

        Good luck!

        1. 1
          • Tutorials Will be there inside the app part of onboarding flow
          • since it’s a Signup for launch page we are planning to have a animated gif/ recording of the app just to show a glimpse of how it works
          1. 1

            Sounds like a good plan. Good luck!

        2. 1

          Let me check with @ahilapillai as well. She is working on the design part :)

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    When you say, pick any challenge, is it any of the 4 challenges listed below that, or is it literally any challenge, as in you can create your own?
    "Create your own challenge, compete with friends and together become champions!"
    or even better:
    "10X your chances of success by creating a challenge, competing with friends and crushing the goal together!"

    1. 1

      Only the challenges mentioned there.

      trying to narrow down the scope and the v1 would have only the steps count challenges. Hoping that would help us get feedback from people using it before spending too much time on development.

      regarding the title -- yeah, after reading other comments as well, it's clear that we need a better title to convey in one sentence how it's useful. Will keep you posted!

    1. 1

      Thanks Michael, I really appreciate it!

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    The landing page says what app does, but don't clearly says what problem is being solved

    1. 1

      you're right. Thanks @sachingk. I'll look into more on how to convey the problem we're trying to solve. Which is -- it's hard for few of us to stay motivated on going on walk/run and be consistent with it. And we're trying to solve that by bringing social element to it - challenges with friends and other people who signed up.

      I'm working with @ahilapillai on this app. We'll try to focus more on covering the problem so that it connects with potential user when they see it. Thanks again for the valuable feedback Sachin, I really appreciate that :)

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    It's more or less clear.
    What's not clear to me is which platform you are building for. Android or iOS?

    I'm also not sure if visitors will see the value, but that's more related to the app itself.
    When I read "pick challenges, invite friends, and have fun" it doesn't sound fun at all. I need to pick the challenge myself AND invite my friends too?
    Why not pick the challenge for me (according to my goals) and match me against someone I yet don't know?

    Also, if I were you I would pay more attention to smaller details. Like "3km fun run / Finish 3k run this month" once you wrote k and the other km.

    Or "Intermittent fasting / Burn 500 calories a day" is technically incorrect, as IF has nothing to do with burning calories.

    The design is gorgeous but my concern is that the app is too generic and doesn't do anything new. Hopefully I'm wrong.

    1. 1

      We're building on both Android and iOS (using flutter) and that's one of the main highlight of the app. ie, allowing us to invite any of our friends without worrying what platform they are on.

      That's supposed to be main highlight and we somehow missed to include that in the landing page 😭

      Our plan is to invite our friends since we were already doing challenges with friends using WhatsApp. So thought of building and app for it because some of them use android while others are on iOS.

      I could see how it would awesome to skip that step and have some sort of global leaderboard among all users in app (or geographic based?) or even challenge users who already on the app. Let me check which is easier to implement and if we can plan in the v1.

      You are actually right, app doesn't do anything new. in the sense it's all just tracking steps and having challenges. I'm hoping that it makes easier for people to understand what it's about and use it if they are planning to walk/run and been lazy to do that. Really need to get the mvp ready soon to see how many people signup or use it actively.

  7. 2

    An app to achieve goals through tailored challenges sent to the user?

    1. 1

      Thank for checking @orliesaurus, it helps me understand how first time visitors understands about the app.

      I think we might have to change the copy a little bit. Basically a user can create a predefined challenges and invite their friends to participate in the challenge.

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