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Just getting started and already a new website?


Learnings and feedback of the last few months made us build a new website.

More information, examples, about how it works and how we help freelancers to create the best starting position for the next job or project.

But that is not all!

We also developed on our platform; a smooth sign in (by using information from other platforms) manually supplemented with relevant information like availability, better sharing options and a quick way of collecting your recommendations.

Overall, we improved the design and the UX. And started to create our community section, where we want to help starting and experienced freelancers to collaborate.

If you are a freelancer and not happy with all the different and time consuming platforms out there, the different ways of creating a profile? Then join us: an independent place to create and share your best digital self.

Check www.aforceof.one. If you click on one of the team members, you can check what you’re profile can look like. To get started: sign in and we will send you a special code.

All comments and suggestions are very welcome!

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