Just launched a serverless cloud platform for building chat apps

Hey everyone,

We just launched our product. ChatKitty lets startups build real-time chat for web and mobile apps without the hassle of building a backend or maintaining servers.

Would love to get some feedback. Thanks!


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    There's a lot of text on this page, I lost myself after reading "Great chat experience to engage users"

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      Thanks for the feedback. Will work to improve the wording. 👍

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        It's not the wording, but the amount of words!

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          haha. Got it! I've updated the site. What do you think about it now? :)

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            honestly? 🤣🤣🤣
            When building a landing page you want to have elements such as:

            • Images that supports your product's goal and vision
            • Headers that answer the what, why and USPs
            • Clear CTA that is actionable and intuitive
            • Social Proof - shows the viability of hte product in a real life setting
            • Features/Benefits - how each feature supports the removal of a business pain and list the benefits associated with removing the pain
            • Lead Capturing - because you have to re-engage those who aren't convinced yet with powerful "eye-opening magnets".
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    No, there isn't too much text on the page. In fact, you might want to consider adding more.

    Lovely (lovely) logo and colours.

    But real quick, one thing I'd pay close attention to is this: I suspect the main anxiety in the mind of the visitor for going with this platform is whether it will stick around for long.

    That's a tough anxiety to alleviate! You can say all you want about how many other are using it, it's a huge anxiety to overcome.

    • Do you guys make a profit from it already?
    • Is it going to be easy to move to another chat platform in the future, export everything?
    • Are you guys using it on your own project regardless of how well the platform-as-a-product will fare? Do you have Skin-in-the-game with this?
    • Is there some way to pay for a full year, up front, to ensure it's going to stick around? Can you sweeten the deal for early adopters somehow? Reward them for recommending it to others?

    Am I in left field with this assessment?

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      Thanks for your feedback, Pascal. It's right on. We're pretty early on, actually just launched this week. Great idea sweetening the deal for early adopters. I'll think of something. :)

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    Hi @aerovulpe. I'm doing free first impressions videos this week and did one of ChatKitty. https://www.loom.com/share/56bd9c3e20d445ea95366a757428b527

    Love the name and look of the site.

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      OMG. I just finished watching your video. Thank you so much. It was detailed, clear and really helped me see what we can do to make our site better.

      I'll be combining the features and pricing pages to the homepage. We started running some Google Ads for testing and also noticed that the Features page currently does better than the homepage.

      We have a dedicated hobbyist plan that is full-featured but has usage limits. I'll make that more clear as well.

      Again, thank you so much for your time and excellent feedback. I wish I could repay you. :)

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      Thanks Josh! Watching your video now :)

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    The color choice, font, and content spacing are really nice. The main opening heading and copy stand out, are clear, and make sense what the service is.

    I think the biggest suggestion I have is that starting with the third section, "Great chat experience to engage users", and in the next three sections, the copy is too long in a single block of text. I think it could be more concise or at least split up the copy into two paragraphs.

    One small thing is the second section, "Complete Chat API with cross platform React...", is left very wide on desktop scale. It makes it a little hard to read due to how the heading and subheading are stacking.

    In general, it's a very nice landing page and interesting service. I'll have to keep it in mind if I do anything with chat in the future.

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      Hi Steven!

      Thanks for the detailed feedback, super helpful. I'll breakdown the copy and improve the styling.

      Would love to provide a discount should you ever need chat. :)

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