March 7, 2019

Just launched my first product -a simple uptime monitoring API


I just created my very first product and would like to share it with you, a simple API to track and monitor the uptime of your websites. For $9/month you can monitor unlimited websites/projects/servers and get an SMS or Email alert when the latency increases or there is a downtime.

With a simple but powerful API you can implement this data to your own projects services and make it available for your users and clients.

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    Hey. What was your journey towards launch like? Anything you learned that you could share with the IH community?

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      I guess the biggest realization is to just ship it. I planed to add so many amazing features but it would have taken another 1-2 months and added very little to the actual value it provides to users. Instead I have now my first users I can get feedback from and see what they actually need.

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    I like the color scheme, minimalist and aesthetic. A feedback I would like to provide is maybe, just maybe it is possible to attach screenshot somewhere of how the control panel looks like ? Otherwise you might leave user guessing.

    Also from my point of view, maybe it worth to provide an option as some trial period ? If customer find it valuable after trial, he will pay. If not, he is walking away and now he knows about your service.

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      Currently it is free to test until I have added the API documentation and a few further features!

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    Design is very clean. Did you use a ready them or built it from scratch?

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    Love the visual style, very calm.
    Could not find the alert thresholds in the settings (for downtime intervals, or ping > certain value).
    Difference between visitor and device latencies would be helpful to explain.
    Did not find any settings regarding API use as per your last paragraph above.

    Kudos, it's a nice project. How long did it take you to build? How do you plan to find customers? Wish you luck!

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      It took me about 6 weeks to built it, I started last December but made several breaks between. I am currently working on the API documentation and will add the settings you mentioned as well. Until then it will be free to use and test : )

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    Cool. Are you considering a freemium tier?

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      It is currently free to use until I am adding the API documentation and a few other settings. So feel free to sign up and see how it works for you : )

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    I really like the clean simplicity of the landing page and app UI. And that the service is so focused and specific. It's also refreshing that it looks like a simple PHP app with no over-engineered JavaScript framework on the front-end. Cool stuff.

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      Thanks a lot for your feedback!

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    This comment was deleted 7 months ago.

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      This is true, and I was actually inspired by an article which mentioned exactly that and how many of this uptime monitor services failed. I am currently working on the API documentation, to be honest I am needing this service for my own projects and I wasn't able to find one that is A) cheap and B) offers a simple API c) doesn't try to limit or upsell me if I add 3+ websites.

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      Yup, this is exactly what I was going to comment!

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