Just launched my startup idea website.

Hello to everybody,

I just launch my startup idea website today. (quonective.com)

I feel very excited, but so overwhelmed because I'm not having that much excitement from people out there. I'm trying to build in public using twitter and LinkedIn. Even Tho my website is having lots of visits and a couple of signups on the waitlist, I'm not having valuable feedback because no one is interacting with my posts.

Do you guys have any advice on how to get better at building in public? Also is not that simple to build in public when you don't have an audience or lots of followers.

If you have any feedback regarding Quonective I'm happy to hear it. Quonective would be a new professional networking social network for investors and founders.


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    First of all, Great work on the landing page of Quonective. It has a really nice design and it looks great. And a nice idea, making a social platform for investors and founders.

    For Building in Public, I can share my own experience. My first and recent work in public was for https://www.onlibrary.site/ . It is my side project, which I built in public on Twitter (https://twitter.com/hsnice16). I also have fewer followers, so there was not so much interaction with my post too.

    But I would suggest yet to post. Because, if you will be consistent with your posting, then there will be more chance to get interaction, and platform algorithm will also show your post to most users when you will be consistent.

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      Hey Hsnice,

      Thanks for replying. I'm happy you liked Quonective and the idea behind it. Also, congratulations on your website and product hunt launch, i really liked your websites.

      Yes, i know it's all about being consistent and interact with people. I'll definitely try to be more consistent.


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    Is it just a landing page? I'm not sure how to give advice when I can't use the site

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      Yes, It's just a landing page. I'm still validating the idea and gathering feedback, so i haven't built the product yet.

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    The page seems to over promise.
    "Finding a co-founder has never been so easy" and other such promises make me feel like you're making promises that you can't keep.
    Also I'd make the main header much much larger and more accurate: "Professional network for investors and entrepreneurs"

    I don't know how to market that, but maybe you should look at the paths that other makers did, such as https://microacquire.com/
    They also had the challenge of bringing together 2 big audiences, and the value of the product is only when both of them were joining the community.

    Good luck

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      Hey Danbars,

      Thanks for replying. I'll definitely take a look at what microacquire is doing. Also, I'll try to make the headers more accurate.


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    Hey thats great . May be you require user story on page , second thing .
    Needs to marketing this product through developer or investor on various social network .
    It will boom

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      Hey gsandeep,

      Thanks for replying. I;m happy to see you liked the idea behind Quonective. You have any suggestion on what social networks or group to market Quonective?

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