Just Launched - TestLocal ly

We've just launched a new site: testlocal.ly
Netflix Demo: https://testlocal.ly/tests/6141e3dac8cde73f3b297252

Our main product is WonderProxy, which lets people use proxy servers from around the world. We're experimenting a bit with TestLocal.ly, and can even foresee a future where it takes over as our main brand.

Things we're testing:

  • Screenshots as a way of rewarding users who return to our site. Our WonderProxy site is pretty dry, and to actually see anything you'd need to sign up for a trial, be approved, select some servers, install a browser extension, etc. etc.
  • TestLocal.ly is a name that doesn't include the word "proxy". There's lots of bad players in the proxy space, and lots of people looking for "proxies" don't really line up with our ideal customer (who wants to test their site from around the world)
  • There's probably a segment of the world that just needs screenshots to see something works. We're working on letting you schedule things so you could wake up every morning with some screenshots in your Inbox.
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    Each time I need this - and I need this a couple times a year, based on kind of projects I am working on - I search for a new service. I haven't been happy enough to bookmark any of such services.

    Best of luck with this. Keep it up!

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    Our precurser to this was ShotSherpa, which has much uglier screenshots ;(

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