Just launched the new Designjoy landing page. Roast it?

Hey guys,

I just launched a refreshed version of the Designjoy.co website, and I need your feedback, good or bad. The thought of touching my site makes me a nervous wreck being that it has done so well for me, so this is a big deal to me.

You can check it out here: https://www.designjoy.co/

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    I think for any agency the thing I want to see is case studies and examples of previous work. I'd have a lot more of that, and allow us to look a little deeper at the projects you've done (they can't be enlarged, nor do I know who the companies are to look at the design in more detail).

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      This seems to be a recurring theme, so I’ll definitely look into it. Thank you. 😊

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    Great work! Some minor nitpicks:

    • The rotating badge says "Lastest projects".
    • The vertical alignment of client logos is a bit off.

    In general, when I looked at it from a potential customer perspective - it wasn't completely clear to me exactly how a project would work. Would I get a dedicated point of contact? Is there a process from request to delivery. I clicked on the latest projects expecting a more in-depth case study, to perhaps shed some light on it.

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      Uh oh, thanks for the notice on the typo and misalignment! I’ll get that fixed.

      Most questions are really to be answered in the help center, but I agree I could do a better job at answering some of those right away. Thank you!

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    Your landing page is nice and tasty! Good layouts, everything is coherent. On the service, I join other comments to see some case studies or just a live link to the live site for each project :)


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    This is great, I might have missed it but do you have a post somewhere about how you got started?

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    It's beautiful. @Haikuka with your copywriting expertise, what do you think of their landing page?

    Also @brettwill1025, please check your email!

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      @brettwill1025 @curiouskitten I'm a big fan! Small changes: I'd say that the headline should be "Unlimited design subscriptions to scale your business." instead of design agency with a twist. You want to grab attention agency - people want 'unlimited' far most than 'twists'.

      I've always thought this page could also do with actual samples (expandable popups) of each design type. If you're dealing with detail-oriented buyers, they might feel the same.

      I like the scribbles but I think they don't deserve this much emphasis. I'd make it a small text line or remove them completely. You want people to buy a sub, not get a free pack.

      Finally, you used to have an FAQ which I thought added a lot. Without it I think there are still unanswered questions.

      How are your conversions going for the service?

      P.S Sorry this is so short - it's been a busy week!

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    Very good landing page! A few points from me:

    1. Intercom notification pops up right from the start. It is annoying. Maybe make it pop up when the visitor scrolls down to the pricing? There they are more likely to have questions/concerns that you need to address.
    2. Is "See pricing" really a CTA? It is on the very first screen, and when you click it, it scrolls down all over the content to the pricing page.
    3. I think the review should be out of the "Features you'll love" section, because it dilutes visitors' attention out from the features.
    4. Animations in the "Membership benefits" section can distract from the text

    Anyway, good luck with the landing page!

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    Dope, well done. I might be a customer :)

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    Surprisingly fast on my computer for so much stuff. Good job.

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    Was this built with Webflow or custom?

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    Looks nice but I think you should optimize those images sizes. It's about a 20mb load for me, some of those images are 3+ mb each.

    Looks great though!

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      Good call, just got them down to 2.2mb. Thanks for reminding me of this!

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    Amazing! Can't roast anything, this is such high quality. The pricing is way too high for any smaller businesses, but I guess that's something that you've thought through already.

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    Nice design, but:

    • I don't like when I scroll the page with mouse wheel, the carousel / gallery starts shifting to the left / right.
    • It would be nice if I could click on the Latest project to see them in action.

    Otherwise -- 👍😍

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      The scroll interaction is intentional but definitely understand that it can be a bit jarring!

      Also, I agree on the latest project piece. Thank you for the feedback. 😊

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    I love the design, it's one of the best website designs I've seen in a long time. I do agree with some of the comments, some case studies, and being able to click on some of the sites would go a long way!

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      Seems like a lot of people agree with you - I’ll definitely be looking into this. Appreciate your feedback!

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    Lovely ui. But the animated icons are distracting. Maybe only animate them once when they appear.

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      Haha totally understand, thanks for the critique!

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    Wow I really like the styling of the website! Honestly can't find something to critique it on.

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    I'm not from the industry so I can fall into the 'fan' bucket. There is absolutely NOTHING that I dislike in the website. Classy, interesting, interactive, sophisticated, informative....

    I just love it! The font and the background reminded me of a beautiful writing on a notebook. Beautiful :)

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      Woohoo, I’m am SO happy to hear that! 😊

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    Thought your previous site was great... this looks amazing. Well done :)

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      Thanks Mikey, I was super nervous to change anything so this is reassuring!

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    One thing I'd consider especially if I was going for the Design or the Design + Webflow plan, would be an "about" section. I need to see the people behind the landing page.

    I am not buying a tool, I'm buying a collaboration for the customer-facing page of my biz. So I guess I'd love to know with who I'm working with, or who's the leader of the agency I'm putting my faith and money on.

    Apart from that, the landing page seems super freaking cool and I love the design and the flair you've given to it. Flooding with "JOY" in every possible place!
    Great Job! 🤩🤩

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      That’s a unique piece of advice and ironically something I felt I needed to but unsure of how to do it. I’ll definitely look into it more - thank you!!!

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    Hey Brett, congrats on the redesign! One of the best (and most creative) sites I’ve seen in a while.

    Two things I noticed (both on Safari on my iPad):

    • The horizontal scrolling (depending on the scroll-height) of the latest projects looks very sluggish/junky.
    • The same feeling I had for the vertical scrolling of “Membership benefits” section of the site.

    Good luck with your agency 🙃

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      Ah yes you’re totally right- I’m unsure of how to fix that in Webflow but definitely agree that I need to. Thanks for pointing that out!

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    The site doesn't load for me, is everything okay? I am in Europe.

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    Incredible! Absolutely nailed it and a huge step up from previous design which I already thought was incredible. Just a small thing - you've got a typo in your Latest Projects sticker. Thanks for sharing your update!

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      Ah thanks for the typo notice and for the kind compliment. 😊

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    I love it. Seriously, cannot fault it.

    Also just bought the scribbles package thanks

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      Woohoo, haha thank you so much!

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    Looks really great Brett!

    One of the best landing pages I've seen in terms of design, clear messaging and value proposition.

    One big thing:

    [1] For latest projects, it would be nice to be able to click on them and go see the actual sites. I want to see your work in the wild. That's probably the biggest barrier to me signing up, and I'm pretty close.

    A couple of small things to consider, but definitely not necessary... just nitpicks and more of personal opinion at this point:

    [2] I think the "award winning designs" is really great social proof. Lots of companies have "used by companies like", but not many have the awards. I'd really try to emphasize that and would move that above the fold (again, even better if you have links to some of the award-winning sites you've done.. maybe a separate page for "award-winning designs" with links to those sites).

    [3] I would really want to emphasize "JOY." The website copy and some of the animations could be a bit more fun or over-the-top.

    When I think about "designjoy," I want things to be a bit more whimsical and fun.

    i.e. "Design doesn't have to be hard. We make it easy." feels great for a corporate site.

    I would play with something like "WORKFLOWS THAT SPARK JOY" ... which still feels a little bit corporate to me, it's just a bit more positive.

    [4] I think you could do a bit more to strengthen the personality of the brand and push it a bit over the top

    i.e. you have a quote from Kevin O'leary -- so pump that up a bit. Add his photo (you know, animated on scroll popping in and out of the screen), or have a fun handwritten text animation with something like "Yup, that Kevin O'Leary").. same with getting a quote from webflow.

    These are big deals. You emphasize them well with the white space and font size, and for a regular corporate website it's great.. but I think if you're trying to emphasize your design talent and "JOY" it could be a little bit more over the top, for me.


    Overall, really great and I would be super happy to push that live. You've done a great job

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      Hey, thanks for the super thoughtful comment - I'm going to consider all of this, seriously. You rock! :)

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