Just me b**ching about pitching

What so hard about it, right?

Well, here's my list:

  1. Want to make someone's brain ache? Pitch them the first version of your pitch and let the magic happen. You'll see their IQ slowly deteriorating while they try to grapple with your gift (german speakers have a pun here).

It's hard to be coherent, it's hard to be concise, if you can be both, name your price
... seriously... I'll pay you.

How to solve it? Practice makes perfect.

  1. How I write it and how I speak it, come out very differently. Many times when I write a new version of the pitch, I look at it and think to myself that I could rival Dostoyevski. Hearing myself speaking the same pitch can make my soul cringe.

How to solve it? Mirrors my friends. Practice in front of a mirror.
Or torture a family member/significant other to listen to several versions of it till it's not an ear-sore.

  1. Audience feedback is a drag. If I could pitch just to myself, then my pitches would be the best in the world. But the inconvenience of pitching to others has the nasty side-effect of them rejecting the idea or not understanding it.

How to solve it? Get into receiving mode after the pitch has left your lips. Absorb all feedback and ask for more. Like your first drink, it might be hard to swallow at first. But it becomes delicious when you understand its value.

  1. Do I need to be a polymath? A good pitch encompasses many different skills in such a short action. You need to be good at: Product management, storytelling, writing, speaking, showmanship, receiving criticism, analyzing feedback, reading body language, and more.

How to solve it? Better yourself little by little, practice, and educate yourself on things you fall short of (Me: ok, I guess I'll educate myself about it all then...)

  1. Being yourself makes things better. But apparently, there are 2 versions of myself, the chillaxed rational thinker who designs the pitch, and the over-excited, impulsive goofball who delivers it.

How to solve it? Before each pitch, I set the mood. I say (internally! otherwise people start staring): "Yarden you're about to pitch, you know what to do.". I then breathe deeply. It helps me be a better listener and follow my framework.

That's it for now, I'll continue complaining soon about new problems.

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    I use the Socratic method to pitch. Ask them questions that help them discover what my business is about. If you'd like to see what this looks like, send me a dm!

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      Thanks for reading :)

      What's your framework for pitching? How do you get better at it?

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        This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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