Bloggers September 27, 2020

Just published my first blog post(s)

Jeff @jch

Hi all. I just launched my first ever blog post. Well, actually three posts.

Check it out here.

I am an avid writer but have NEVER published my work for others to read. I finally decided that now is the right time.

I started with three posts walking through and reviewing what works and what doesn't from a copy, design, and UX perspective for different landing pages. I plan to expand the content into other areas as well, but really enjoy the type of writing I did on these first three.

My blog is self-hosted using a ghost theme, Digital Ocean, and Cloudflare. I purchased my domain through porkbun.

I am not a developer by trade but have also been working on my front-end development skills.

Never having done this before I must say it was a fantastic learning experience figuring out how to get all of these different components set up and connected. I considered using Ghost(Pro) but thought (and was proven right) that it would be far more interesting to dig in myself.

Check out my blog and let me know what you think. Candid feedback always welcome.

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    I really like the format of your articles! They are captivating, the images are clear, and I actually want to read more when I'm there.

    Very well done!

    1. 2

      Thanks for the very kind feedback, I really appreciate it.

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    Nicely done, Jeff! The site looks great and your writing is easy and engaging to read. I'm looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

    One idea for you: Don't wait to start collecting email addresses. I would encourage that you add a form at the end of each post where people (like me) can sign up to get notifications for new posts.

    One question for you: I love your featured image graphics. Do you make them yourself or purchase them somewhere?

    Finally, I write over at It's been a casual side project for 2 years, but now I'm getting more serious about growing its readership. If you have a minute to check it out and let me know first impressions or other candid feedback, I'd really appreciate it.

    Happy blogging!

    1. 1

      Hey Tyler,

      Thanks for taking a look, I'm glad you find the writing engaging. This is great feedback I will definitely look at making my email entry form live ASAP. For the graphics I've been using some free resources where extremely talented people are kind enough to share their work. Here are a few that I am using.

      lukasz adam

      I will definitely check out your work when I have some time this afternoon. Thanks again for the feedback.

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    Cool layout! What did you use to build it?

    1. 1

      I used a theme from and did some minor customization. I plan on doing more as time goes on and I improve my front-end skills, but just wanted to get something out. The theme is built on top of the platform.

      1. 1

        Thanks for letting me know. I've been interested in starting a blog and wanted to see what other developers were using.

        1. 1

          Yeah I reviewed a lot of options and I think ghost is pretty hard to beat if you want a certain level of customization and flexibility.

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