May 9, 2019

Just shipped a new Chrome extension. It lets you fill in short/long term goals and replaces your new tab so you don't forget them.

Satvik Pendem @satvikpendem

Hey everyone, just shipped a new extension. Basically I kept making goals and then forgetting them later, so I wanted a way to always see them, so I made a new tab replacement extension that shows you them, similar to Momentum.

However, instead of just today's goal, it also shows your goals for the week, month and quarter as well. This is because you may not remember the motivations behind why you want to achieve a specific goal, so understand the long term picture helps a lot.

The extension is here:

Let me know your thoughts and any problems / feature requests you have.

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    Hey this looks really great. I installed it but got wary when seeing the access to browser history it has. Is that in order to drive monetization or required for functionality? I'm not opposed to either, but was curious what you're using that data for? Other than that I look forward to trying it out :-)

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      Hm that's weird it shouldn't have access to browser history, only tab access and storage. Tab access is for replacing the new tabs, it doesn't read any other tabs you have open, and storage is for storing the goals you have so they don't get erased when you open a new tab. I'll look into it and remove any browser history access.

      Regardless, I'm not planning on monetizing this, it's more a marketing tool to promote my main site 😁

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        I'll check it out again, thanks! :-)