Just sold my side project to Unbounce!

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    This is awesome! Congrats! I was recently talking to one of the Senior Product Managers in my network from Unbounce, as they asked me for feedback on their A/B Testing and I told him how it'd be cool if they had an AI based copywriting tool. I guess they already had that in the works talking to you. Great job!

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      That’s awesome! Looks like you may have been even further ahead of me with that inside scoop 😉

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    Hopefully you got a large chunk of that $30M+ that they just raised. :)

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    Great company to team up with....congrats on closing the deal!

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      Agreed, the Unbounce team has been awesome to work with.

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    Wow - congratulations !!

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    Congratz. Most of these "smaller" acquisitions never see the light of day. Thanks for sharing! Keeps hope alive for other side-gigs as well :)

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    Congratulations 🍾, just curious what was your revenue before the buyout.

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    Wow cool! Can you tell us about the process? How did you first connect with them? Who propositioned? How long did the deal take? What were the big takeaways?

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    Very cool, congrats!

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    Nice, congrats!! Vancouver tech scene is blooming

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      I hope to visit someday! We did this totally remotely.

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    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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