Just starting a newsletter. Any tips?

Hey everyone, I've just begun putting together a newsletter.
It's not exactly focussed on a particular niche but will have topics like SEO, Investing, Marketing, News and book reviews. Basically anything that I've learned recently and can share with people, or ideas I've had that I think could help people.


I currently have 1 person subscribed and a pretty small following on social media to promote it to.

I'm hoping to send the first newsletter on Monday so hopefully, I'll get some more subscribers then. But before launch what do you suggest I do to get more subscribers and what are your other tips for a complete newbie.

Thank you!

Also please subscribe lol ;)

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      Thank you, I'll give it a read 👍

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    Develop the habit of writing until it feels wrong to not show up each time it needs publishing. The habit is far more important than the number of subscribers.

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      Will do. I quite enjoyed writing the first one so hopefully, I will continue to do so.

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    Spend as much time promoting it as creating it. Be consistent - growth goes slow, then fast.

    Have fun along the way and always keep an open mind - don't be afraid to change your format, or even ESP if it's not working for you. Welcome to the newsletter writer family!

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      Thanks for the comment.
      I'm thinking I'll try it for a few months posting consistently and then take another look at how things are going.

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    I would say consistency and patience are key. Send out the newsletter consistently, and be patient as it takes time to build the audience.

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      Thanks! I'll be trying to send them out pretty consistently for a couple of months and see how it goes

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    Post to all of your networks shamelessly. You need to drive all of your own marketing and communication to your audience. Tell them why they should read your newsletter instead of the hundreds of others out there vying for their attention.

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      I'm always worried people will get pissed of at me for promoting it too much. I've done a few posts already though and got 4 subscribers so I guess it works if I keep going 🤞

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    I'm starting mine too :) after postponing it for months.
    I'm following this post. Lots of useful advice.

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      That's great! Hope we both succeed with them

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    Welcome to the club! Newsletter Crew has a ton of resources for anyone getting started with newsletters https://newslettercrew.com/

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      A newsletter about newsletters! sign me up lol


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        Yeah haha pretty meta I know

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    Hey @Benjaminjgd,
    Good luck with your starting up a newsletter.
    I found this podcast from Josh Spector https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/josh-spector-founder-for-the-interested-newsletter/id1204957253?i=1000502466495 quite useful and go to resource to learn how to create newsletter.

    I also spotted that you have a challenge for building an audience. I would suggest go through this: https://venturism.io/7304f436004646f3b829e6f58d32a517

    I am sure it is going to help you in your path.

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      Thanks. I'll be sure to check them both out

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