Just submitted my application to Indie.vc for my SaaS business Curate 🚀 🤞

Curate and Indie.vc would be a perfect match.

Did any other IndieHackers apply today during their 24 hour application period?!

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    Best of luck! Love the rise of indie funds.

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    Can you give a tl;dr on what indie.vc is?

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      Indie.vc is a 12 month program designed to fund and support founders on a path to profitability.

      They explain it best here 🤓

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    Good luck when will you find out if you were successful?

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      There is a two-week timeline for the decision. The next round is video interviews. That fast of a turnaround time is unprecedented, the process is very transparent.

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    Tell us how it goes.

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    Good luck! What are you most excited about? (capital, mentors, connecting with other founders, etc.,)

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      I would say all of those 3 things in that order!

      Capital gives me the means to devote sole focus on Curate, mentors will guide me through typical early-stage problems and I can learn from the mistakes of others in a similar situation via my connection to other founders.

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    Congrats on applying! For any of those who didn't quite get a chance to apply, consider us at Earnest Capital (www.earnestcapital.com).

    Our applications are always open and we tend to invest in companies a bit earlier than indie.vc but we're big fans of what they're building!

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      Thanks Sibi 💪

      I would like to speak with you or your team about Earnest Capital. I have read it over and sent you information about Curate.

      1. 1

        Best way would be to apply (https://earnestcapital.com/apply/). We're seeing a lot of companies apply so it might be a bit before we can get to you!

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