Landing Page Feedback February 14, 2020

Just Updated My Landing Page On Thoughts?

Andrew Garber @Garberchov

Hi Guys, I just built a new landing page for, if you could drop me some feedback on it that would be awesome.

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    Tried to go mobile- cant read anything. Why dont you try any existing frames for it? Now it looks like beta of google in 2005.

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    Hi @Garberchov,

    Please don't mind my critical feedback.

    • Currently, the web page gives the feeling of 2 presentation slides

    How you could improve:

    • Break down the two sections to many more (7 - 8 sections), having no more than 3 lines per section.

    • Check out this website: and see how they have broken the story down piece by piece and provided an image for each section, which makes the user spend more time and take notice.

    Let me know once you have updated it.

    All the best.