Just updated my landing page. What do you think? 🤔

Hey indie hackers!

I just updated my landing page for Notabase. It's a note-taking app for networked thinking.

I wanted to break up the elements so that the page didn't look too "samey" as you scrolled down, and I added a bunch of gifs in order to demonstrate the product and its value.

I also decided to be a little bit experimental and add a funky gradient 😅. Let me know if you think that works or not.

You can check it out here: https://notabase.io. All feedback is welcome!

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    Love the tool, especially how linked notes open to the side.

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    I love the clean layout of your site. Very easy on the eyes!

    However, I do not quite understand what the product does, as I am not familiar with the concept of networked thinking. Or maybe I'm just not your target audience.

    Just my 2 cents: if you follow this case study of how this founder position his analytics tool to his biggest competitor (Google Analytics) that many people are aware of, and highlight how different you are to them, this can get your product's features across easier without wasting more time trying to educate the audience.


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      Thanks for the advice! Yeah, I think it's possible that you're not part of my target audience. I'm not looking to educate people about the market on my website, but just to demonstrate what the features are.

      In terms of positioning against a competitor, I think that works well if you're going up against something that basically everyone knows (e.g. Google Analytics). But it probably doesn't make as much sense in the note-taking space where people use such a large variety of products and there isn't really a clear-cut "winner" per se.

      I think adding some comparison pages against the top competitors would probably strike a good balance.

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    On Firefox Android your videos (long press shows MP4 links) aren't loading, they just show up as an empty box.
    The colors/gradient look good.

    With the pricing section, maybe inform on how the pricing will change once alpha is over?

    1. 1

      Strange, I'm using Firefox on Android and I'm not seeing any problems with the videos loading.

      And yup, I'll be updating the pricing section soon!

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