Developers October 24, 2020

Keep a Healthy Breathing Rhythm While Coding


TLDR: I built a free tool that reminds you to keep a healthy rhythm while breathing. It's called Breather and you can keep it open while coding.

Since this is a free tool that I specifically made for working at my desk as a developer, I hope this doesn't fall under self promotion. I truly just want to get this onto as many screens as possible, since I've found it very useful.

But of course I would be interested if you find it useful as well. I am open for any ideas and possible improvements!

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    I love this, problem is it would fall in the background and get forgotten. Any workarounds?

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      Currently, it's something you need to actively keep separated. In a second window or ideally on a second monitor. Based on feedback I'm currently working on adding sounds to the ends of the 2 phases, but because of how browsers treat pages in the background this is a bit tricky.

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    Like the idea a lot and have opened up a tab on a spare ipad that I put on 'never sleep'. Let's see how it works/feels after a day of working!

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      Uh I love this! Do you have any results yet?

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        As discussed by email. Gives me a clear 'focus' and helps me get into the workign zone. If I find it not working after a couple of hours, usually my productive time is over and need to go do something else.

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    This is great 👍 So we keep it open in another tab and mindfully remind ourselves to breath every couple of minutes?

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      Thanks! 😊 The idea is to open it in a new browser window and then either put that window into the corner of your screen or ideally onto a 2nd monitor. What I've found is that as long as it's somewehere in your peripheral view, it will remind you "ambiently" to breathe with it. Maybe not every breath, but often enough to get better at keeping a rhythm over time.

      But I already have gotten a comment on reddit with the idea to introduce sound effects which play at the end of the in- and out breath phases. That will allow you to put it into a tab, open another and just breathe in/out until you hear the sound.

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    Heard a lot of advantages about breathing consciously.

    This is good.

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    Ideas: include other features like toilet breaks, lunch breaks, stretching, improving one's posture and smiling -most developers lack a sense of humor. Showers? It will help some people to remember to have one -not me, of course.

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      😂 Sure, I'll add reminders to call your mom as well while I'm at it.

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    Congratulations on the launch!

    You might be interested in this need gap - 'Make me breathe properly' posted on my problem validation platform.

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