Keep customers around with helpful usage reports

Users may churn if they aren't getting the most out of your product. Try sending them personalized, actionable reports showing them how they can take better advantage of the features.

AdRoll's nearly unheard-of 97% annual retention rate speaks for itself. A lot goes into garnering that kind of loyalty, but a big factor is their automated monthly digest email. The metrics in these emails aren't just personalized for each user — they're actionable as well. The digest shows what the customer has achieved (reiterating the product's value) and uses their metrics to make personalized suggestions about how to improve. In AdRoll's case, ad placements are a key feature of their product so if a user’s ads aren't getting many clicks, the digest email might suggest that they create fresh ones. Try using a tool like Segment or Hull to port your customer data to a marketing automation tool like Customer.io or Autopilot. Then set up data triggers using if/else logic for the recommendations.

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