Kenneth Cassel Failed for 4 Years, This Year He Raised Enough $ to Quit His Job (Twitter Thread)

Kenneth (@kenneth_cassel on IH, @KennethCassel on Twitter) used to work at a gas station, has 3 kids, and failed to make a profitable product for 4 years.

This year he raised enough $ to quit his job and go full-time on @SlipApp and Vim.

This is 4 months of wins, losses, and insights packed into 35 tweets. 👇

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I might do more deep-dive threads if people like this one. 😄

  1. 1

    Really inspiring story. Don't know how he did it!

    But it shows us that with belief and consistency, anyone can make it happen! Let's do it!

    1. 1

      This is the lesson that jumped out to me:

      Iterate quickly to improve your chances of success. If your iteration cycle is fast enough, you are bound to uncover a game-changing insight.

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