Kept track of my work satisfaction

In 2019, I've used my own mood journaling app Moodistory to track my job satisfaction. One of the results is the yearly overview that you see in the screen above (which anyone can create using the share-feature within the app).

While my app is targeted at people with depression or bipolar disorders it is also intended to be a supporting tool to improve anyone's wellbeing. - Like I did with tracking my work satisfaction. It helps me especially when I run into bad days because looking at my history, I know that they usually won't last for a long time.

I've released the app in 2018 and since then I've added new features regularly based on user's feedback. I'm planning to do that also for the coming months.
If you're interested or even willing to try it, it would also be awesome to hear your feedback.

Website: https://moodistory.com

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    This is wonderful app idea, Chrisma! I know that it can be difficult for those with mental health issues to remember exactly how their week went when sitting down with their MH professional. It's difficult for a lot of people even if they don't have that little bit extra going on mentally/chemically. I can also see this being useful for life coaches and mentors.

    I'm going to download and give it a go!

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      Thank you so much, Kathryn. I fully agree!
      If you have any feedback on my app, I‘d be very much interested in what you think.

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    Just installed it and giving it a try :)

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      Awesome - thank you so much! :)

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