Keywords & site explorer as a service (free for a limited period)

A few months back when I asked about "Most expensive" tools Indiehackers want to use many said "ahref"

Here's the Post:

  1. Most expensive?

  2. Most expensive?

It's clear, many Indiehacker has:

  1. Keywords that they want to rank for, but don't know which exact terms are getting most searches.

  2. Having a hard time coming up with keywords.

  3. Wasting time on google and other search engines to figure out the best keywords for your site.

  4. Losing out on traffic for related keywords.

  5. Want to rank on the first page for your keywords but don't know what to do.

  6. Want to analyze competitors to find keywords best working for them which you may be missing out.

If this sounds True to you, I can help:

👉Send me one keyword or website (competitor's website?)

Get an excel file containing 👇

  1. Related keywords, matching keyword, search suggestions
  2. Along with keyword difficulty, Country Avg. monthly search, Global Avg. monthly search, clicks & CPC
  3. Volume will vary based on keyword.
  4. It's an excel file - so you can search & sort.

How cool is that? 😎

Here is how it will help:

  1. 📈Increase website visitors.
  2. 📄Add related keywords in your blogs, product page, or landing pages
  3. 🏃Quicker result - no wastage of time or money
  4. ✍️Get new blogs ideas
  5. 💡 Get related features/products ideas
  6. 💹Get more sales

PS: I will be using the paid version of ahref (which is costly, provides accurate results & frequently updated).

PPS: Free for a limited period. Hurry

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