Know Flutter? Firebase? Firefighters need your help! Help us launch!


Hey folks - we've posted here before and have found some incredible help - but now we're looking for the final push to launch an app.

We are very close to launching, but sadly lost our key developer in the eleventh hour (totally unrelated to the project). We are looking for one or more people to help us finish up the last 5-10%, and make AirHorn live.

We can offer equity and leadership roles to the right person.

Info about our project is below. We hope to hear from people who have a passion for problem solving, who are transparent and hard working, and who are excited about improving the future of emergency response.

We're a small team (in part, thanks to the connections we made here on IndieHackers!), but we're looking to grow.

Our founder is a firefighter in California, and came to the realization that there's a gap in how first responders communicate. After validating the idea with colleagues, leadership, and innovators in the emergency response space, he started to build a team to bring his vision to life.

For the past couple of months, our team has been working hard to develop an app designed to help first responders communicate better. We've woven a social media platform in with mapping and other tools that first responders use both day-to-day and on large incidents.

We now have an alpha version that is in limited testing with first responders. We've shared it with first responders in the field, and have received very positive feedback. We need to build out a few more features and continue to squash bugs before a wide release later this year.

We are looking for help with coding. Ideally you would have:
-experience using flutter
-experience with git

And it would be awesome if you:
-have used firebase
-have familiarity with BLoC pattern
-have written tests for flutter apps

However, if you have other skills to bring to the table, and you're as excited about this concept as we are, please do reach out!

Feel free to reach out via IH or via email: [email protected]

Looking forward to hearing from you,

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