Kotlin dev - Remote intern (unpaid)

We're working on a startup App that provides a fast customer service solution for small and micro (solo) businesses.

The development side of things needs an extra hand.

In return we can offer;
Mentorship from a senior developer
Engagement in a startup with a professional team
A first place option of candidacy once we demonstrate monetization with a few months of growth.
A place to showcase your skills and hone them with good guys to support you.

The technical skills being used are;
Android Development in Kotlin, Clean Architecture, Coroutines, Dependency Injection with Dagger, MVVM

Would need to be available for at least 10 hrs a week.

About the startup...
We already have users, high placed rankings on relevant keywords in the Google Playstore, and on youtube.
A unique and useful app that brings together the users Tasks/Notes, Contacts and Calendar. Leveraging their existing Google contacts/calendar system so that any user can get started instantly.

The direction we are heading is to improve the usability of the app. The new wireframes have been designed in Figma. This is the first goal of the internship.

The bigger picture is that of increasing user retention and particularly improve onboarding. Moving forward into a cloud based data store (currently it is just on the phone) . And then get the app onto iPhone and web next.

Please pop me through an email to discuss further, and reference any of your existing work and why this would be suitable for you?

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