Lancerlot->Helper for freelancers and small agencies (Survey)

Hey freelancers,

I'm Dobromir and for all my professional life so far I have been building and scaling tech service businesses from scratch.
I know how hard, time-consuming, frustrating could be sometimes to be a freelancer or a dev/design agency.
So I decided to put all my accumulated knowledge into a product called Lancerlot: your loyal companion to help you save time, money and get some new ideas.

It is a Notion dashboard packed with actionable info, materials, tips, strategies for freelancers and small agencies (up to 30 people) to help them grow their business and get cool well-paid projects.
Mainly geared towards sales, lead gen, marketing (as those are usually the big pain-points), but I would also put some things around PM, operations etc. I also plan to include some promo codes/discounts for useful tools.

Hope to hear your opinion if you would find value in something like this?

Here is the alpha landing page with some bonus inside for signing-up for the upcoming launch.

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