Landing Page about Landing Page SaaS

This week I'm officially launching my Landing Page Services as a SaaS. First I needed a landing page for my own company and since my company is a "software development company" of course we just built our own landing page. A month later I needed a second one and realized the structure was the same and only the content was different so I made it data driven. That way the analytics and metrics collected would work equally well for both.

Then I realized by adding bells and whistles I could make this available to the public. Five weeks later the UI is nice, the visitor and lead tracking and graphs are beautiful, and summary reports can be emailed automatically nightly, weekly, monthly (or never).

Only then did I research what competitors charge for Landing Page services and I was shocked at how expensive it was. Most charge $37 to $97 monthly!?!

In the methodology of Landing Pages... I used our own SaaS to create a Landing Page offering our Landing Page Services. As the call-to-action I am giving away one year free service to the first 50 sign-ups.

So here's the question... should I post it on ProductHunt now or wait until after the first launch so I have some testimonials? Is there a better place to launch for "absolutely beginning, we have no customers yet" stage?

Here's the link, roast my page and let me know what changes I should make to it!



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