Landing Page and Blog Builder.

Hi :)

I am looking for a landing page builder like carrd where I can include a blog as well. Currently my setup is always gatsby for landing page and blog or an external blog like Medium but I'd really like to use a no-code tool here.

Do you have any suggestions for me?


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    Check out Versoly. I know it supports blogs and websites. But not sure about well they go together on one site. @volkandkaya can chime in about that.

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      Really cool thanks I'll check it out!

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      Thanks for the mention!

      They work perfectly together. By combining the website + blog able to have cool features like global blocks (forms, cta) in blog posts using a no/low code editor.

    1. 1

      That's cool as well. Will definitely take a look and bookmark it :D

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    @sandro Webflow seems like an obvious choice here.

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      Looks good as well. I'll definitely try it out

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    I'm working on Versoly.

    Seeing as you're a developer Versoly has 0 learning curve (code editor built in).

    It is also based on Tailwind so you can export at any time and just boot up a Gatsby site, got to work hard to keep my customers.

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      Really cool thanks!

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