Landing page feedback: A local note taking app

Hey folks I am looking for constructive feedback on my landing page http://bangle.io .

It is a note taking app like Notion but free and saves your notes in markdown format directly in your computer.

Some ideas on feedback:

  • Is the main selling point clear?
  • Are there too many videos?
  • Any language problem?
  • Anything that is missing / confusing?

Thanks for taking out time to provide feedback :)

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    Hi Kushan,
    The selling point is clear, the videos don't bother me much. but it wasn't till later I realised all bullet points open videos. I did not realise it was clickable.

    I am a designer so my feedback is mainly on that point. Overall the layout is neat but there are spacing issues. You could move one of you videos on the landing screen itself. Lot os black open space there.

    The own your notes paragraph have justified alignment, It might read better if it is simply left aligned.

    Bottom sections, the bullet points are too close, you may increase line spacing.

    Good luck!

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      After reading your comment I went to actively look for the bullet points and even after knowing they are there it took me some time. So yeah, that's a great catch/point @joshirucha.

      Overall I like the landing page but I feel like the copy could be adjusted to even better convey the main selling points of your app. Since your potential customers are probably already using some note taking app you really need to do some convincing why they should now switch all their notes to Bangle.io. One example could be: "Like Notion, but you own the data" or something.

      1. 1

        You're right @tgel0. I would especially highlight the data ownership aspect, more and more people are placing higher value on it.

  2. 1

    I feel like these points could be more emphasized as it's own section or as a replacement for some of the headers. For example, say something like 'Organize all your local markdown files' vs 'organize notes'

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