Landing Page Feedback February 15, 2020

Landing page feedback for email api product


Hey IndieHackers!

I am getting closer to my launch and have been working on my landing page this week. Hopefully you guys can give some tips and point out anything you don't like? Thanks!

NOTE: mobile styles are very poor at the moment. Please preview on desktop!

Here are screencaps:

Here is the landing page:

Link to docs:

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    1. Is this similar to Amazon SES?

    2. I thought "Tour" would give a tour. The fact that it is actually a menu is a bit odd.

    3. I also like how you have explained that tracking emails isn't necessary for reset password email and yet we pay for it in other email APIs.

    4. Also love the animation on the home page.

    Best of luck with your launch. Email marketing really needs to be cheaper than what it is today.

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      1. You can use this exactly like SES and it's compatible with any software that works with SES simply by changing credentials. However, it also has many more features than SES: the ability to send emails via HTTP as JSON, tracking, analytics, full take logging, ability to check if an address exists before sending to it, and the ability to manage mailing lists and marketing campaigns.

      2. I am overhauling the "tour" button. I agree with your take.

      3. Thanks, I will try to emphasize this on the homepage.

      I appreciate your feedback and kind words. Your sentiment about price is the exact motivation behind PostAgent :)

      I will def add that this is SES compatible on the homepage.

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        So will this work with That would certainly be worth mentioning. Maybe even partnering with.

        Also, if you don't mind, I would love your feedback on my landing page too.

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          Yes by changing sendy's SMTP relay from SES to mine it will work.

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    Hey cybermancy. Even though i've had a need to get api for email, i think it's something that can be useful.
    In case you’re still looking for more feedback, I’ll be more than happy to give you my detailed thoughts.

    Me and my partner will be giving personal real-time feedback in a video chat for this whole week to help other founders.
    Check out for the details.
    Hope to see you there.

    P.S.: Anyone who wants to get feedback is also welcomed 👍

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      I will take you up on that!

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    You do a decent job of showing what your product is, but you're missing the why. What's the benefit? Why use this to send bulk email or newsletters instead of another solution such as SendGrid, MailChimp, Etc.? What is the unique value your solution provides?

    I would also add a bit more to the home page. Instead of separating the features out on a separate page people may or may not click to, include that on the home page. That's your best chance to sell people on the product.

    You should also push people to take action more than just a small sign-up link in the corner. Use a big, colorful call-to-action. I would also consider tying it to an offer that removes the commitment. Perhaps a free trial?

    The pricing is a bit confusing. Are these all options that can be combined or are they either or choices? It's not easy to compare and contrast the three, because they are all so different. What are the use cases for each? I don;t think there is enough in the bullet points to establish the value of the more expensive columns compared to the price.

    Hope that helps. Best of luck.

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      I don't think I need to tell a "why" because I show why in two ways: the homepage animation shows how simple the JSON format is and the pricing page shows my prices are about 10x cheaper than Sendgrid.

      I agree with your point about not having enough on the homepage. A call to action to signup would probably be good too like you said.

      I am going to add a pricing slider to the pricing page so that might clear things up. The columns on the pricing page aren't tiers, they are all different paid products. I understand the confusion though and I will think about how I can clear that up better.

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        The animation is more of a what than a why. It shows what the product does. But it doesn’t show why someone should do that. What’s the benefit? Whys are about the prospect. Whats are about the product.

        It’s your product and your page, so you’re free to do what you want. But Speaking from experience as a copywriter for over 20 years, it’s the benefits that get people to buy.

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          I agree with you. I've decided to overhaul that homepage to add "solution oriented" copy. Thanks for your detailed feedback.

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    On my computer the descriptions on the pricing page are too small and there's something weird going on with the font that makes it hard to read.

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      Jeez 🙁what browser/OS are you in? That looks like Windows screwing with the fonts.

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        I'm in Firefox/Windows.

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    First of all congrats for the website and your project!

    Just a few remarks out of a quick review of your website:

    • Missing critical navigation items (features, pricing) in header (shouldn't have to click on Tour to find about the features)
    • Placement of the navigation is not "eye friendly"
    • Not fan of your logo it's too abstract and hard to identify
    • You should emphasize your key content rather than the image which is taking 2/3 of the screen space.
    • Missing CTA
    • Missing clear value propositions
    • What is your competitor differentiator ?
    • The way tour pricing is explained could be improved
    • I understood by luck that the "$1 per 10,000 sends - 10,000 free monthly." was a button giving access to the pricing. UX as to be reviewed there.

    (Sorry I haven't taken the time to organize my feedback)
    You can contact me in PM if you want more input from my side. I'll be happy to help and share more remarks & ideas if you want.

    Good work!

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      All strong and worthy points. I agree with these and plan to redesign the front page.

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        Don’t hesitate to PM I’d be happy to discuss this further if you need.

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    Love the idea, and I am willing to signup to your service, cause I might using it for my projects.
    Do you need to help to finalize this project?

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      I appreciate the kind words! Would you mind contacting me through the live chat on my site to let me know your expected volume and email address? Thank you so much :)

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    I know you said you’re gonna get to mobile layout but just an example above as to a major problem.

    Here’s the next comment - I 100% want to use your product. Are you looking for beta testers right now? As in like today lol

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      I think it could be another month or so before I begin my beta. Would you mind contacting me through the live chat on my site to let me know your expected volume and email address? Thank you so much :)

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    Landing page looks nice. However, your company reads "[object Object Engineering LLC] " in the footer. I guess that's just part of the default Javascript object-to-string conversion or was it intended?

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      That's the name of my company!

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        I love the name of your company! 😄 That is amazing :)

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      I've never found a footer with a copyright notice annoying before, but yeah this is distracting and should be changed:

      • Wrong year
      • Not centered
      • Weird typography

      The copyright notice should be invisible, not something your eye is drawn toward.

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        Thanks for the feedback! I will fix that date is remove the weird brackets. I like it stuck to the left though, a big theme of my site's design is the left aligned stuff.

        This may be a stretch to say but the design is a throwback to the days when websites weren't centered. A big part of my marketing is appealing to "old web" sensibilities so I feel it fits. If enough people find it odd though I certainly will consider a change.

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          Interesting. I think appealing to old web sensibilities is good, I just feel like my eye is being overly drawn to the left side of the page.

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    Super clean website and that custom animation is 🔥

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    Awesome job on the website. It's clean, concise and get's right to the point. Love it!

    You may want to clarify a bit more on the pricing for the below:

    First 10k free each month. // Understand that that

    • $1 for mail over 200kb // Not quite sure what this means
    • $1 for every additional 2MB. // Also not too sure on this

    I assume that you're not going to charge $1 for EVERY email over 200kb, am I right?

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      Also only just noticed that you also offer email validation, $1 per 1k address validations, you may want to have that under its own section.

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        Thanks so much for the kind words! You gave me some great feedback and I made some adjustments to the pricing page for you to look over:

        I think I'm okay leaving the verification API pricing tiny. It's a minor feature that isn't a huge selling point. I could be wrong though, so if user feedback shows it's more popular I will somehow make that more visible on the page.

        Finally, I had my docs link broken so if you have a moment I would be grateful if you could take a look at this page:

        Many of the docs links are currently broken though.

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