Landing Page Feedback for Newsletter Platform


I just released a new landing page for my newsletter platform https://postheat.com, and I'm looking for some help with feedback for further improvements from the Indie Hacker Community.

Note: The page is best viewed on Desktop, I have not designed the page specifically for mobile devices yet.

Do you understand what the product is from the content visible above the fold? Are you compelled to read further down the page?

Does the copy compel you to test the email design tool, or even sign up for a free trial if you were in the market for an email design tool?

Any other issues or feedback is greatly appreciated!


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    Looks beautiful! Here's my feedback in video format: https://www.loom.com/share/cc909addc72b4f61a8aef7482f6c09b1

    Big things were:
    Headline clarity
    Free trial vs freemium? Which is it?
    Are there automations (eg. Welcome emails)?

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      Wow, thank you soo much for taking such an in-depth look at my landing page!

      You brought up some really good points. I definitely need to improve clarification around the pricing. My initial thoughts were to kind of show a series of "free" - "free" - "free" when describing the features to try and improve my conversion rate, but after watching your review, I'm realizing that this is just more confusing, and a simpler approach is probably better.

      I didn't even think about the phrase "mailing list platform" being too generic, but you also made a really good point that if you are already familiar with these types of services and "mailing list platform" is confusing or unclear, then it's not going to be useful to existing customers in the market or new customers in the market. I'll try a few different headlines that are more specific, and try to use more concrete and existing industry phrases.

      Thanks Again!

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        You're very welcome! Glad I could help :)

        Side note, would you mind taking a quick moment to vote on this poll? I'm looking to create more content to help startup founders :) https://www.indiehackers.com/post/do-you-have-questions-about-writing-your-website-ea952ffbf6

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    That's a very colourful site! Here's a short list of some things I spotted on a first pass:

    • I caught one of the floating circles covering some of your content for a short time. It needs pushing to the back so it doesn't overlap.
    • Your active state is showing for pointer devices (The big blue box when I click the logo). It should only be visible when using the keyboard or other assisting devices.
    • Talking of accessibility, tabbing through the header is weird. It starts at the end of the navigation then works its way left.
    • The 'blog' link has an underline on hover but the others don't.
    • The input spacing on your forms seem a bit tight, but it's a minor design point.
    • The spacing is too tight between your pricing title and the button with the finger illustration above.
    • When I go to sign up, I can submit a blank form with no inline validation. Instead I get sent to a page telling me the email already exists (I didn't add one in) and all the inputs are left aligned while the labels are aligned centrally.
    • There's another issue with not having inline validation. If I enter my email address, but get my confirm password wrong, the form resets and and I have re-enter my email address. Reducing resistance to signing up will bring in more people.
    • Your favicon (mail icon) and logo (flame icon) don't seem to match. The branding feels inconsistent.
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      Thanks for the feedback!

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