Landing page feedback please

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    This doesn't look like what it is...a demo of your resume/personal page builder?

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      Yes, I wanted to create a landing page to promote the profile service by presenting the result itself as the landing and the reference to the service as a one liner, I guess that this is confusing. (Time to return to a more traditional landing I guess :) )

      Thanks for the feedback!

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    This is a really novel concept, but I think you might have gone too far with the hybrid, so user is confused about what they're looking at.

    I'd change the 'free profile service' section to be a clear service. "Want a personal page like this? click here." and then add how to sign up for it as a separate page.

    Always keep the primary focus of the page in mind. Is this for potential employers to look at a basic summary of you, or is it a place you want to convert people to use your profile service?

    If the service is more important than the personal summary and actually you want sign ups, then I'd redesign it to have a screenshot of the personal page rather than actually being the personal page.

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      I will change the "free profile service" for the question as your said, that is great feedback.
      I will create a separate landing page, I want to keep my profile page but I wanted to make reference that this also from a service, I think that the question that you proposed is perfect!

      Thanks for the feedback!

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        No problem! Good luck with it!

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    On mobile its not optimised.

    Design is nice, and I will put this in the good category on the web- if my opinion matters heha

    All the best!

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      Thanks for let me know!, I just fix the mobile issue

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        Hey can you also give feedback on my latest post - Don’t be kind on your feedback -

        And mobile site seems better now!

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    Let me know you feedback on this landing page please. (this is by far the shortest landing I ever done)
    I wanted to do like a hybrid between the service result and the service itself.

    Thank you!

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      Your site looks quiet good, but two things from me:

      • I don't know what service you are offering, it's unclear from the landing page.
      • Check your site's performance, it loads really slowly, especially without cache.
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        Thanks for the feedback!
        1 - Yes, it is not very clear, sorry about that, I was trying to see if a kind of mix of the result/service will work as a landing... now I know :)
        2 - Thanks for let me know, I will check how to improve.

        (PS: I am using some lambdas@edge, those are great overall! but a big downside is that some users will hit the cold starts and slower times, but there is always room for improvement)

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