Landing page feedback please!

We've been working on translating all of our JTBD and value prop work into this new landing page (made with Figma and TypeDream).

This has been a big process of interviewing customers, working through all the data we've got and then building out a new value proposition. Would be happy to talk more about the process we went through if anyone is interested. I wrote a bit about it on our blog already.

Would love some feedback on whether the message is clear, and why you would or wouldn't want to sign up after looking at it?


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    Hey just ran a page speed test and it isn't doing well at all 40/100 on mobile.


    Takes over 11s for "Time to Interactive".

    "Know exactly how to grow your customer base." is unclear. I love headlines that tell me exactly what you do.

    Most SaaS buyers are educated on the problem space and by saying this is what we do they know wherever they're interested or not in the product.

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      Thank you!

      RE the page speed - we've been using a landing page builder called TypeDream because it's so so so easy to edit and iterate on. Once we feel like we have the messaging right then it will get built out on our normal system so that hopefully will help the speed.

      Good insight on the education level of buyers!

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    Looks like a very useful product. Overall it's a good landing page; I think it could be better with some small tweaks -- mostly reducing the amount of text on the page, adding some whitespace, and really focusing on what your target users want to get out of your app.


    Above the fold messaging could be a bit stronger and more focused.

    i.e. "Know exactly how to grow your customer base."

    As a founder, I don't want to know exactly how to grow my customer base, I want to grow my customer base, or I want to reduce churn.

    I would try something like:

    "understand and grow your user base throughout the user lifecycle, automatically and at scale"

    Hook, engage, retain tells me right away that your software is helping me do these 3 key things that are all really important to me. You probably know from your interviews what the most important steps are for your customers, so make it really clear that you can do those things with your software.

    I like "automatically" in particular, because that makes me think it doesn't require much effort on my part.


    "Giving founders and growth teams confidence.

    Our customers create highly targeted campaigns based on real-time information and convert customers at higher rates than they ever have before."

    This doesn't give me confidence or inspire me that I'll have confidence. I would remove that section. Again, I would really ask: is this necessary, or is it taking my user's attention away from the really key aspects?


    For the logos of your current users, small nitpick -- I would add some more whitespacing. It's a little too packed and creates a busy feeling that just gets me scrolling too fast. Adding some more whitespace for the logos to breath will make it more readable.


    For your testimonial, it's really great and you've picked out some key aspects that I think are really important and good for sales -- it's just a little long.

    I think splitting this into two (or more) shorter testimonials would be more effective (plus that gives you the added bonus of more social proof). I'd think about getting a couple of other testimonials, pick out the important parts and then just use those.


    For the bulk of the page I would focus on the automated user segmentation with examples of user segmentations that are possible (i.e. new users, onboarding, power users, likely to churn, low interest) and what the solution is at each step (i.e for low interest customers, put them into a 5-day drip email campaign).

    I would start from new users and move through the user lifecycle with examples of what can be done at each stage.

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      Thank you! This is so detailed and really really helpful.

      I will feed this into my next version for sure. Really like the idea of adding in examples of the user segmentation and actions.

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    Just stopping by to say 👏 to @bethkcarter for learning Figma and Typedream to make this page happen. So cool to see how "no code" / "low code" tools are genuinely enabling people to be so autonomous. We are living in the future.

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