Landing page live - but how to get pre-launch sign-ups?

Today I went live with the twitMate landing page.

The aim was to produce something that works as a single landing page but will easily be expanded into the long-term home page of the project.

With this in mind I spent time on the design and frontend development as I don't want to have to redesign it again - it will be easy to add a top-menu, expand the footer menu etc.

In the past I have been guilty of developing a whole product before I start marketing. I've done using SEO and getting organic traffic but it's taken over a year to get rolling.

This time I am going to try to do it differently. With twitMate, my short-term goal to get 10 users pre-launch.

So I've added a pre-launch sign-up and I will give a large discount to early adopters - I have yet to work-out the details but 75% off, locked-in for life, is likely. This probably won't cover my time but I'll be happy if it gets some momentum.

Any tips on getting traffic to the site to get those 10 pre-launch sign-ups?

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    @ryanGlass When i had launched my product ruttl's website, I had a goal of getting people onto the waitlist. I think what worked for me might also help you out.

    Here's how I got people to signup before ruttl was launched -

    1. LinkedIn posts in my network. This was one of the most successful tactic that helped me get hundreds of waitlisted users
    2. Targeting your target segment through twitter hashtags. It's a great platform to get genuine users through good conversations
    3. Submitting ruttl to landing page featuring websites like lapaninja and onepagelove. Got some traffic traction from them. But for this, I think you might need to make your website better with more content as well
    4. Posting on relevant Facebook groups with some value giving content (Don't just do direct promotions because everyone does that)
    5. INDIEHACKERS of course! People here are too good and they help you out in everyway possible. So make sure you take help from the community!

    Also, kudos on the landing page! It's minimal and might get the job done.

    Tip: Just probably trying adding why people actually need it (like briefly if possible)

    Hope this helps!

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      Thanks @harshvijay - really appreciate this advice!

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    Make sure the pre-launch opt-in is super obvious and irresistible.

    You might want to communicate the incentive of being a pre-launch sign up and perhaps the expectation i.e. how long does it take to wait, what can they learn from you before you literally launch the product etc.

    I wrote a few articles on IH about how I pre-launch [VenturesList[(https://ventureslist.com/), perhaps helpful for your project too.

    All the best! @ryanGlass

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      Thanks Felix - this is really useful and I am going to action it soon. I will check out your articles!

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