April 14, 2019

Landing Page Samples

Kavita @kavs

Hey Everyone! I set up a landing page to validate a product that I'm currently building. The main features of my product are still being flushed out, as I am still doing customer interviews. Therefore, I do not want to add too much information to bias anyone who sees my landing page. The goal is to collect emails from potential customers to garner interest.

Can any of you share your initial landing pages before product launch while you were still in development and figuring out your MVP's features?

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    Not mine, but this might interest you: Lapa Ninja

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    You might find this landing page checklist useful.

    If your main goal is to collect emails and you are still learning about the customers' pain points/objections (great approach btw), then I recommend trying out the Pain-Dream-Fix approach...

    First explain the pain the customer is feeling.

    Secondly, show them the promised land - how amazing their life could be.

    Thirdly, you'd show them the fix. In your case you don't want to say too much here because you're still figuring it out. So use your signup form as a "sign up here to see the fix"...

    Good luck!

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      Thank you so much Louis! :)

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