Landing page with Auth for downloading resources?

I'm building apps and, when distributing them, I always wonder how to put them in a landing page with some auth (login-password) therefore my customer can access and download the artefacts. Has anybody found any SaaS or solutions for this?

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    You're posing this in the [Developers] group, so I'm going to give you a crusty developers' answer: use HTTP basic auth. It's built into every browser, your users already know how to use it, and it's already available and supported and easy to configure in whatever webserver you're using (probably Apache or Nginx). Have a username+password combo that you hand out to users to whom you want to grant access, and...that's it. You're done.

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      This is a very neat solution and I'll go with it!

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    Isn't it 2021, why would anyone want to download something that isn't open source?

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      Of course - however in this case is a customer wanting some custom-made software.

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    Interesting use case.

    You could use https://supabase.io/ and then if a visitor is logged in they have access to the article (and the url is sent from supabase)

    It would currently require some code.

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      Thanks for the project link - it looks very neat!

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    ConvertKit recently released a commerce solution for digital products. It sounds like what you're looking for - https://convertkit.com/features/commerce

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