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A little background about me, I'm a web developer with over a decade of experience. I've recently start creating my own startup (https://cloudhomelab.com/) and after some research I realize that I can offer my services in a different way.

A big trend now days is the offer of Productized Services, so I started my own Developer Service startup. Developer Service is your developer in the cloud, with unlimited web design and web development requests and revisions for a flat monthly fee.

You can check out my services at: (https://developer-service.io/)

For fellow Indie Hackers a custom discounted plan can be arranged, get in touch with me.

Best regards,

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    Hello Nuno,

    I'm also interested in getting started in the same space. I'm curious about your approach and the team that you have created to back your service.

    If you already have clients, how has it been going with the number of requests per client?

    1. 2

      Hello Sebastien,

      As far as the team goes, I have a couple of colleagues that I know from the freelancing world that are available to work with me when needed.

      As for clients at the moment only 1 client that I "converted" from my freelance work on PPH, trying to adquire more clients in the meantime, so the load is manageable so far.

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