Launch a membership-based business in 3 weeks β€” no code required.

So... we launched a new course πŸ˜„πŸŽ‰πŸ‘

(If you don't yet know of Makerpad, we're a leading educational platform for all things no-code. Our mission is to teach people how to set up businesses, apps, software and websites, and streamline work processes through automations β€” all without using code.)

​The new course is called:

Launch a membership-based business in 3 weeks β€” no coding required.

It teaches you how to build and launch a membership and community based business from scratch using no-code tools, and kicks off on August 10.

Why memberships?

More people are connecting online than ever before.

Yes, things were headed this way for a while, but the pandemic has without a doubt accelerated it further.

Membership-based communities are transforming businesses and becoming MAJOR revenue generators.

πŸ‘‰ Tech Ladies, set up by Allison Esposito in 2016 to help women find jobs in tech and support each other β€” has made in excess of $4m.

πŸ‘‰ Makerpad is a fully no-code, membership-based business launched in 2019 and sold to Zapier in March this year. Before the acquisition it was turning over $450,000/yr.

πŸ‘‰ The Hustle was bought by Hubspot for a rumored $28m 🀯

And not all successful communities have to have membership attached.

πŸ‘‰ Indie Hackers was famously acquired by Stripe just 8 months after it started.

If there's ever been a time to launch a membership-based business, it's now.

What's in the course?

The curriculum is a culmination of intensive research into what makes membership businesses work.

Amie (Head of Content at Makerpad) and Ben (Tossell, Founder) looked at the work of numerous successful membership business owners, including Steph Smith of Trends.co, Dru Riley of Trends.vc, and Anne-Laure of Ness Labs. They took what we know about their setups and operations and injected all of it into this course.

Over 3 weeks, you'll learn:

πŸ‘ How to identify the right membership framework that will offer you the best market fit and increase your chances of success.

πŸ‘ ​How to determine what no-code tools you need to start building your business.

πŸ‘ ​How to build and integrate the different components of a membership site (like gated content, membership tiers, payments, community spaces).

πŸ‘ How to automate operations so you can focus on delivering your value to your members.

πŸ‘ How successful communities are built and how to replicate them.

Read more on the curriculum and format here.

We'll also be joined by founders/CEOs of tools we'll be teaching during the course: Geoff Roberts of Outseta, Andy Guttormsen of Circle, Ward Sandler of MemberSpace, and Duncan Hamra of Memberstack.

Who's this course for?

We've designed this course for people who have an idea for a new community and/or membership-based business, but aren't confident on how to get it launched from a technical POV.

It's also ideal for anyone who's simply curious about this business model and whether it could work for them.

I wouldn't recommend taking it if you're already months or years into running a successful membership-based business, unless you're looking to pivot to using no-code tools.

Also, if you can't commit to the schedule (details on that here) then I'd recommend waiting for a future cohort when you know you can make all the sessions. Our courses are cohort-based for a reason!

Registration is open now, and a seat will cost you $350. But there's a special early-bird price of $250 if you get in quick. πŸ™‚

β€‹βž” Enrol in the Launch a Membership Business course βž”β€‹

It's going to be awesome and we can't wait to see you there on August 10!

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