Launch day disaster 🤦‍♂️

Today was the launch day for my new app getstreamkit.com.

I posted about it in a large facebook group for Twitch streamers (the target audience) and the post totally flopped. Very little engagement, especially when compared to similar "product for streamers" posts in that group.

The real disaster started when a couple users logged did download it and I realized that a bunch of my background jobs were failing. It led to a terrible experience for them and they uninstalled.

Luckily I had a feeling something might happen so I held back my launch day posts that I had ready for other forums.

Anyway! I managed to simultaneously:

  1. Get almost no new users
  2. Create a bad experience for the users I did get

On the plus side, I did get some good product ideas from a user who reached out with some feedback.

I'll be going back to the drawing board for the next week or so to make the background system more robust and make some improvements. Hopefully Version 1.1 will launch smoother!

  1. 2

    Just treat it like launch 0.1 and then focus on launch 0.2

    1. 2

      Yes definitely planning on doing that. I'm sure glad I didn't blast the link all over all the marketing channels I saw. Now I have a second, third, fourth chance to get it right :)

  2. 1

    Don't worry too much, take all that experience, and lauch again!
    You can do constant micro pre-launches before the a big one, but keep launching
    Good luck!

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