Launch IH: Blup, create insane apps with visual logic and UI designing.

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    Congrats @SahajRana! Maybe you want to list your tool on my side project: https://owwly.com . We help products find new customers, worth to check ;)

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      Hi @piotrbartoszek, I checked it out. Looks cool. Sure, it would be a pleasure to be a part of your site.

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    I am always curious how people make those cool product demo videos? Did you pay someone or used any particular tools?

    Great product. It looks very promising.

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      Hi @RandomSupernova78, thanks for the appreciation. I made it myself in After-Effects. Took around a month, but was worth it.

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    Hi IndieHackers, hope everyone is doing fine!
    I'm Sahaj. Founder at Blup. We have created a desktop app that lets you make apps (Android & iOS) right inside it. Anyone with basic coding knowledge can build really insane level of apps with ease.

    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCuiYlewfCg&ab_channel=Blup

    I started working on Blup in Jan, last year after graduating from college in 2019. During college, I created a startup in the ed-tech space which unfortunately didn't work out. and that was when I realized that idea-to-app takes a lot of time(months) to build and due to that you can't build apps fast enough to go out in the market and if it fails, and you decide to work on any other ideas, you might have to make another app, taking further months building it. This seems too tedious to work on and has a high opportunity cost. This gave me a push to build something that can help me to make apps fast, let me focus more on UI/UX, and can take care of needy-greedy details of code on its own. So, a year later, working 90% solo on this idea, I present you Blup.

    Please let me know your thoughts. We are launching Blup on 20th July 2021 on Windows Store for now. Later we will launch for Mac & Linux.

    Feel free to show your support or critics.

    We are open for early access on https://blup.in/

    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCuiYlewfCg&ab_channel=Blup

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    The landing page is lite, the product concept is also lite. I love it, mate!

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      Hi @murlist, thanks for the appreciation! You may like to apply for early access on Blup.in

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    Its a good product for non-technical users. Good Luck for your launch. You might want to remove "native" word from your google form because these are not native apps.

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      Hi @MrDeveloper, thanks for the feedback! We used the "Native"-word as Blup provides flutter apps (https://flutter.dev/) and they have mentioned it to be "Native Compiled Applications". : )

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    Hi Sahaj Rana Great product. keep it up.

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      Hi @aligly, thanks for strengthening! You may apply for early access on: https://blup.in/

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    Great idea, I think it will definitely help all the user who wants to make something interesting using mobile app.

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      Thanks for the encouragement. You may apply for early access on https://blup.in/

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    more power to you :), all the best.

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      Thanks for the appreciation! You may apply for early access on https://blup.in/

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    That sounds interesting will definitely try it out.

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      Thanks a lot, you can apply for early access on: https://blup.in/

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