Launch IH: 🎉 Vuestic UI - Free and Open Source UI Library for Vue 3 🎉

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    I really like the look!
    Pitty I didn't know about it 3 months ago when I was looking for Vue 3 UI library with typescript support for one of the projects.
    But I'll bookmark it for the next project.

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      Thank you!

      Unfortunately, it was completely not ready for production 3 months ago :D

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    I sent you an email, check your inbox.

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      It seem that email was never delivered, inbox is empty

      I've noticed you joining our discord though, will contact you there

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        I sent an email to this address:

        Isn't you?

        1. 1

          one of my teammates :D

          you can use [email protected]

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    Hi guys!

    We started building this lib in late 2019. Of course, initially we thought it will takes a couple of months to launch it 😊

    Our initial plan was to take Vuestic Admin's components (our other OS project) and craft a proper library out of it. Making 'a proper library' turned out to be slightly more complex than we anticipated :)

    We released v1.0 in May and already working on major improvements. There is still so much work ahead 🙃

    I hope you'll like it and will be happy to hear your feedback!

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      Translation is only needed for documentation (packages/docs/locales) should be Translation is only needed for documentation (packages/docs/src/locales)

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        Could you please provide some more information, not sure I'm getting the issue :(

        You can also leave us an issue on GitHub if there's anything wrong https://github.com/epicmaxco/vuestic-ui/issues

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