Launch Preparation: How to find a hunter?

Hello everyone,

I have read threads & guides on how to launch on PH, and part of the process is finding a hunter. Even though it's mentioned that finding a hunter is not as impactful as it was before, I believe it is still relevant and can be a solid advantage to receive advice and increase visibility.

My team and I plan on releasing a closed beta by the end of September, early October. Then, launching an open beta on PH beginning of November depending on the outcome of the closed beta.

I am anticipating our PH launch to be as prepared as possible. And finding a hunter appears to me to be one of the most challenging task (can't plan how long it will take):

  • How long did it take you to find a hunter?
  • Did he/she have an impact on your launch (from 1-10; 10 being the max)?
  • Do you connect with a hunter that works in the same field as your business? How did you choose him/her?
  • How did you engage with your hunter?
  • How did you build a relationship with your hunter?

I'd love to learn from your experiences!

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