Launched 'Customer Acquisition Service' exclusively for startups after 6 months of R &D

Hello my dear IndieHackers

From the past 4-6 months, we have taken up extensive research, undergone several brainstorming sessions to come up with a fool-proof mechanism to help businesses. It has been specially designed for Startups, entrepreneurs to get more customers. This is a well-researched, proven set of strategies that we have experimented on various platforms, environments, and business niches.
Please give us your feedbacks on our new service to the startup community- Customer Acquisition Service

It has worked well and that is why we are aware of the immense advantage it will hold out for entrepreneurs. This is a proven formula where you can grow your customer through a detailed analytical report that we prepare for the product/service. In a nutshell, the Customer Acquisition Service Plan is your hassle-free ticket to answer your questions like, ‘Where do I find my customers’?, ‘How do I convert them into sales? etc

What is our Customer Acquisition Service?

Knowing where to find the customers who are actually in need of your product/ service. . Once your product/service is out in the market, the next essential is to help your customers find them. With the Customer Acquisition Service, we list out over 15+ platforms, where your probable customers visit, search and discuss related requirements. Our strategic channelizing methodology will help build your customer base and maximize your ROI.

What do we do?

We show you where they exist - your customers!

  • 1 hour Free Live Consultation
  • Places/Opportunities that you can gain on different Google Stacks.
  • Detailed Competitor Analysis.
  • What you are missing on the site from an SEO perspective & filling the blanks. * (Filling the must-have SEO dynamics in your website)
  • Product Improvement Suggestions
  • 100 - 150+ Places you can get your product/service mentioned.
  • Places/Platforms where you need to post the solutions that your customers are searching for
  • Places/Platforms where you need to project/promote yourself
  • Places/Platforms where you don’t have any footprints but need to imprint and establish them.
  • Onsite & Offsite Strategies
  • Upto 10 prospective clients

and the various social media strategies that would help you attain your business goals & much more...

How is it going to help you?

Reality Fact: No Customers, means No Business - and we help to find your customers seamlessly

You just need to execute whatever is written on the researched report.
Each & Every available place where prospective customers lying are being traced out & reported. (We pinpoint every possible platform where your prospective customers visit and this will be listed out for you)
Once you execute as per our research, you can be assured of getting business.
Of course, half the homework done as your potential customers have been spotted already. It’s a complete marketing/growth hack package which you can use at any point in time.You get the freedom to concentrate on other factors like product/service improvements, cost control, legal factors, etc.
It is your key report to possible sales conversions, thereby enhancing your customer base, and fulfilling business goals.

With more than half the homework done, you can concentrate on so many other factors like the product/service improvements, cost control, legal factors, and so much more, The messy work is our business, and we make sure you will be getting a collection of probable customers who could become your conversions.

Discount/Coupon Code - 10%

It would be really great to receive your feedbacks regarding the service. We are launching it on IndieHackers first & we would be most happy to give a splendid discount for the same. Visit our website and or simply shoot a message right below.
Link - https://logicranks.com/customer-acquisition-service/
Coupon Code - CAPLAN10

  1. 3

    Good luck with the launch @achyuthan 🚀

  2. 3

    Shouldn't founders find their own customers themselves and learn from them?

    1. 1

      Sure they need to, Being a 4 time founder that's what I did & thought to share the knowledge with the community through a service. Through the plan we point out the places they need to focus or the strategies they need to deploy without/before spending huge $$ and time

      1. 1

        good luck, sounds great!

  3. 2

    Do you offer this service to any type of business?

    1. 1

      Any business which operates online.

      1. 2

        Seems like a very wide catchment to offer an equal service to all.

        How do you cope with potentially someone like myself who is looking to attract professional musicians, music managers and producers, whilst your next client might be like an online wedding planner or private commercial laboratory looking for large contracts in the private sector?

        1. 1

          Hi Mick

          Yes, the service can be rendered to anyone but would be custom tailored to the requirements of each one. Let me explain with the examples you mentioned.
          Replying with the below points, assuming you being a music buff & having a quick glance of the homepage of 'Songbox'.

          1. How often you interacted with r/music, r/classicalmusic/ & all other relevant subreddits related to music?
          2. Have you gone through the creative community in 'Patreon' & detailed the value of 'Songbox' ?
          3. There are some fb groups & other places where you can laser target people who love music & you mentioning how 'Songbox' can be an additional advantage or resolve a problem wrt current context..

          See... Likewise if I dig in deep I could pin point many places that you might have missed and that's all the service is about.

          Nevertheless to say, this would be the same case with an online wedding planner or a private commercial laboratory.

          If you are interested we can discuss more. Feel free to make an appointment by clicking https://achyuthan-logicranks.zohobookings.com/#/customer/caplan It doesn't cost both of us to talk...lol :)

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