Launched early-access program!

Hello everyone, I'm excited to share with you that I just welcomed the first 50 early access users for Panelbear this week!

My pitch is: Panelbear is an all-in-one website analytics. Tap into mission-critical insights without compromising on the privacy of your users.

Right now I'm trying to gain valuable feedback from early users, so feel free to reach out!


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    Hey Anthony, how is this different from other analytics solutions like Simple Analytics?

    1. 1

      I believe the "simple and privacy-focused" analytics space has plenty of good alternatives already. For example there's Fathom, Simple Analytics and Plausible.

      With Panelbear, I'm trying to build a one-stop shop, which provides many of the features which growing websites need, without being complicated or needing 5 different SaaS providers with varying levels of privacy.

      For example, some of the planned features include:

      • Global page speed metrics on every visit.
      • Website uptime monitoring and alerting.
      • Custom events and AB testing / experiments.
      • Teams & collaboration.

      And of course pageview analytics, which is what most solutions already provide.

      I'm an engineer at heart, and solving these problems at scale is what I enjoy doing. With some luck I hope others might find it useful.

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