Product Development June 1, 2020

Launched New Features Based On Feedback

Clayton @clxytn

About 1.5 weeks ago I launched A personal page to sell your digital products & services. I got a lot of great feedback from users and some IndieHackers here and spent the past week implementing them. Here are the updates:

  • Allow embedding of products on your own website
  • Add monthly subscription option with lower fees
  • Show some stores on the homepage

I also redid the dashboard layout/design for a better UX.

I would love to hear what you think and if there are any features you would like to see!

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    Hey Clayton 🤜🤛!

    I like it what you're up to!

    I clicked on a featured service and tried to move through the flow. The one thing that struck me was how little information there was before presenting me with the cart. It also wasn't clear to me how the process would work.

    Here are a few questions that the UI should answer:

    1. Do I just fill out my information and everything plays out through email? Does it play out at
    2. How can I trust the seller?
    3. What if things go wrong?
    • Those questions assume that the flow I saw would be the same flow I would see if it was embedded in the respective sites.

    I'm sure sites like Fiver have already solved similar problems for their users. You can take a look at how they do it.

    Best of Luck!

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      Thanks Steve! This is really great feedback and a good perspective so thank you for this. I definitely will think of how the UI can be tuned up to better answer these questions. I will mention that we are more like a Shopify then we are a Fiverr, in the sense that we are not actively approving or moderating everything you are selling. It is more of a way for you to set up your own store/page to sell from and have your own customers buy through. So that may clear up some things If that wasn't the impression you got. Thank you!

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        Hey Friend.

        Yeah for sure, I wasn't comparing it with fiver. I just know their biggest challenge was convincing customers that the services and products were legit. So I'm sure they have plenty of tactics for social proofing, etc... If your product does a good job at that internally, it'll take the pressure off of your customers and high conversion would definitely be a competitive advantage..... if you can figure it out.

        Best of luck!

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          Totally get what your saying! Will look more into how they overcame that. Thank you!