Launched on Hacker News

Yesterday we decided to launch on Hacker News. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=23051064
The thread is trending and we’re seeing many visitors and a huge spike in the number of signups.
We’re giving away a year of service for free (for paid tier). And we appreciate any feedback!

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    Seems like we have a very similar tag line ;) https://www.kampsite.co/

    Since we are in the same industry, one thing that has worked for me is having the demo / example button right in the CTA (e.g. a picture is worth a thousand words). So maybe think about replacing the 'how it works' with a 'see example' button.

    I've upvoted on hackernews - best of luck!

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      Hi Harry,
      Thank you for the upvote, appreciate it!
      Indeed, the tagline is very similar, but I haven't just copied it, I promise.:)
      I remember your launch in November (was it November?) on Product Hunt and you're making quite some progress.
      Good point on the CTA, thanks! I'll experiment with it.

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