Launched our app 5 days ago, now +50 installs, is that good enough!

Hi guys, earlier in August, my younger brother, my twin brother, and I have launched our first ever family startup, called Alaaddin. are trying to reshape the classical shopping experience, making it easier, less effort, less wasted time, and cost-efficient.
we are allowing customers to know the details, prices, of any products, in which retail is available, customers make requests, vendors respond to it with offers. customers review offers and visits the store at their own pace.
our target customers are those who don't buy online or don't buy specific products online (cloth, furniture, ...etc)

we launched a very basic version (1 screen app, no vendor application, we used to collect the requests from clients and visit shops ourselves to collect prices and send it on WhatsApp for clients to review), once launched, in the first few hours we received more than 50 requests, and by end of day I think we went over 70, but we had around 190 installs.
we decided to quickly build a better MVP that can streamline the process, so we built 2 apps, one for clients and one for vendors, we launched again 5 days ago, now we have +260 installs and around 20 more requests in the past 5 days.

I would like to get your feedback, if you guys have launched before, how good is that - taking in mind that we spent 0 dollars on marketing.

also could u advise of smart ways to get more users with zero-marketing-budget, do you have any hacks!

do you think this is can be any attractive to investors!, is it good timing to raise?
I would really appreciate your feedback and thoughts

feel free to follow us me on Twitter, I constantly write about our journey @Belal_M_Amin

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