April 22, 2019

Launched our new site redesign and pivoted - Solely helping startups now

Tayler Freund @borderbabe2412

Last week we pushed out the launch of our website, http://trypixel.co we are now just targeting startups and new business only with the idea to get rebranded, or a new product design, or launch their webpage and do so affordable. I grew up indie, i also know the power of design.

We have worked with 6 startups this year that have raised over a combined $28Million. Some in VR, HR, AI, and Pre-fabbed homes (that one is awesome).

I have been offered a fulltime job many times after their round closes and I am just so addicted to the launch day that I don't think I will ever go back to something FT. Running a studio means I can help other startups and other great idea-makers get off to a great start. In my experience I think a well designed brand and product is the best thing you can do for you concept.

The day of MVP are over, ideas are usually done and saturated in the market.

We also take equity, but this process takes time and possibly a separate landing page.

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