Product Hunt January 15, 2021

Launched shipit 2.0

Artjom Vassiljev @artjom

Even though I've been working solo for just a year, compared to all of you folks here doing that for 2-10 years, I've been so close to burnout more than I'd love to admit. Yet here I am, still working on this product, and managed to take it to version 2.0 which brings OKR and Ideas in addition to the roadmap support. And there are also paying clients too.

Shipit is a tool for product managers (or in fact any startup or business employee) that helps visualize product plans and connect them to the company goals. Trying to keep the product lean compared to all of the competition (think Trello vs Jira but for product).

If you've got a minute, please upvote it on PH:

Any feedback is appreciated too, both negative and positive.

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