Launched SKWSH on Product Hunt and got over 600 upvotes

Hi Indie Hackers,

Last week, my co-founder and I launched our app SKWSH on Product Hunt. Even though we read tips and numerous articles on how to prepare for launch, we still felt rushed and unprepared the day of. I read somewhere that in order to be Product of the Day you needed to get 50 upvotes the first hour. We did not get anywhere near that, I think we had like 8.

Things we did to prepare:

  • Email blast to all of our subscribers a few days before and then day of
  • Posted about the upcoming launch on all SKWSH social media channels
  • Posted on our personal social media asking friends/family
  • Asked our friends/family to share our PH link with their friends/family
  • Reached out to acquaintances we thought would find SKWSH mildly interesting

On the first day, we ended up with a little over 100 upvotes. We were gutted but kept pushing. Somehow between day 2 and day 3, we got to where we are now which is 634 upvotes. We might not have gotten Product of the Day but our PH badge on our site looks pretty darn good.

Really just wanted to write this for other founders getting ready to launch on PH - don't despair, if you believe in your idea so will others!

Check out SKWSH, the anti-ghosting app, on iOS and Android :)

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